Friday, July 1, 2016

A glimpse into my reflective memo

For one part of my Reflective Memo, I decided to play with a new tool called Adobe Spark. It's an amazing tool! I suggest checking it out.

Here's a link to my video!

At the end of a long week, I'm riding this line of excited and inspired / totally overwhelmed.


Dana and Company,
May we be excused? Our brains are full to overflowing. Have a great summer!
Please acknowledge Gary Larson's genius above.

Tools for Citations

Easy Bib Chrome Extension  Click the Easybib button in the toolbar and automatically generate the citation for the site/page you are viewing.

RefMe--paste a link into the RefMe page on another tab to generate the citation then paste quotes and add your notes to the citation.  Web Clipper Tool available in Chrome Store

Diigo social bookmarking.  Tool bar extension and other tools allow you to create book mark for a site/page.  Annotation tools include high lighting and sticky comments.  Notes and descriptions can be added to the bookmark in Diigo

A Framework For Flexible Pathways

Credit to James Nagle
  • Identify

    • What is my identity as a teacher?
    • What are my professional goals?
    • What do I want to accomplish at MGI and how does that transform my professional trajectory?
    • How will I contribute my learning to my community?
    • based on your professional goals and in consultation with facilitators, teammates and peers, select the modules that will apply to your learning
  • Grow
    • review and discuss resources using guiding questions
  • Reflect
    • apply your new learning to your professional goals and classroom/school context
    • Post evidence of your learning and reflections on your PLP
  • Transform
    • In consultation with your team peers and facilitators design action steps that move you forward in addressing your professional goals and/or working toward designing your action research project
    • Post evidence of addressing these action steps on your PLP
  • Share