Friday, July 1, 2016

A Framework For Flexible Pathways

Credit to James Nagle
  • Identify

    • What is my identity as a teacher?
    • What are my professional goals?
    • What do I want to accomplish at MGI and how does that transform my professional trajectory?
    • How will I contribute my learning to my community?
    • based on your professional goals and in consultation with facilitators, teammates and peers, select the modules that will apply to your learning
  • Grow
    • review and discuss resources using guiding questions
  • Reflect
    • apply your new learning to your professional goals and classroom/school context
    • Post evidence of your learning and reflections on your PLP
  • Transform
    • In consultation with your team peers and facilitators design action steps that move you forward in addressing your professional goals and/or working toward designing your action research project
    • Post evidence of addressing these action steps on your PLP
  • Share

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