Action Research Project Template

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Your Name(s)
School Name

Working Title for the Action Research project (fewer than 15 words)
In fewer than 50 words describe your action research project and explain what you hope to learn from it. You may include your research question(s). You will likely rewrite this abstract after completing your project to better reflect what actually happened.

Introduction and Rationale for the Project.
The introduction discusses the context of the project, explains the rationale for why you have selected and created this project, and describes the purpose of the project.

Research Question State your research question.

Relation to Middle Level Philosophy and Literature

Project Description and Implementation Plan.
The project description provides a description of the project and explains the method of evaluation of the project. The project description will:
  • Describe the participants involved (e.g., teachers, students, parents);
  • Discuss the setting of the project (classroom, school, teaching team);
  • Provide a timeline for implementing various tasks (teach lessons, meetings to assess student work);
  • Discuss how and when you will meet with your peer group; and
  • Explain how and when you will collect data and assess the effectiveness of the project. To help you plan your data collection and analysis, please review the Data Triangulation Matrix, Data Collection Strategy,

Data Collection and Analysis            Fall 2016

Describe how the following data collection and analysis plan relates to your problem, context and research question(s). This introduction is meant to help the reader understand the choice you’ve made in your research design.

Data Triangulation Matrix

Using a data triangulation matrix helps to plan a data collection strategy that draws upon multiple data sources.

Data Collection Strategy
Detail how data will be collected. By what means? How often?

Data Collection Chart
Research Question
Data Source
Date of Collection


Include or link to your data collection instruments, such as surveys, interview questions, observation guides, or assignments.

Analysis & Reflection
Action research analysis is on-going. That is, you are continually reflecting on your project as the data is collected. In a series of memos, blogs, written reflections, you will document your analysis of your action research project.

Insert a link to your reflections, such as journal blog or reflection document discussed with your facilitator.

Analytic Notes
(Please add a link to your notes document where you and your facilitator can maintain minutes and share resources. You may keep this document shared privately between you and your course instructors.)

Findings and Implications

In this section you describe the findings from your research and the implications for your practice moving forward. This is where you lend meaning to the analysis (usually about a page.

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