Wednesday, June 29, 2016

AM Reflection - Whack - a - Mole - No more!

I did the Castleton-Barre 500 last night and this morning...the time in the car is a great place for me to reflect...I usually sort through the "good stuff," "the questions," "the recyclable stuff", etc. during this time.

My hopes and dreams for this week ... included...
- Shifting from a checklist to a student voice PLP. (completed)
- Supporting faculty led creation /development (yay! Dave, Paige, Charlie, and Robyn). Additional kudos to Robyn who is taking this opportunity to refine her craft as she prepares to become a Special Educator. (completed-happening) **Kudos to Dana, Susan, and the PAML team for additional support/feedback.**
- Shifting from a whack-a-mole approach to well planned, manageable, timed, and student centered approach (yay! - happening!)

See the screenshots below, I am MOST proud of connecting to our work.

(And simply because every educator needs the opportunity.... )
(Disclaimer - I didn't listen to the audio...)

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