Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Morning Reflection

The Vermont Teaching Standard that I have chosen to reflect on is "Personalized Learning".  In many conversations I have had this week with other teachers the frustration is how to make a truly authentic student centered learning opportunity.  On Monday's opening town meeting there was discussion about the negative feeling many students have around PLP, and the fact it felt contrived, artificial, and not student driven.  I really thought about what does student directed learning look like and how realistic is it.  Being skeptical by nature, I question everything and student directed learning is no exception.  I have moved my thinking to a degree this week.  Though I believe that much learning is going to remain teacher directed, I do see power and value in student directed learning and see that it does have an important place in my practice.   The challenge in my mind is how do we do it in a way that is authentic, and will be motivating and empowering to students.  I feel that my team is well on its way to creating a structure that allows authentic student directed learning that students will embrace.  We are developing a vehicle that students will drive, and choose their route (or pathway) to new learning and success.

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