Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Compass school team spent the morning working on editing our school document outlining Realms, Proficiencies, and Indicators. This provides a structure and architecture for our curriculum and assessment, and it's something we've been using for many years but it actively evolving. This collaborative editing today was extremely useful, and I'm excited to integrate this newest iteration into our work.

Compass School Realms, Proficiencies, and Indicators  (by the way, this is a working copy with extra notes and messy stuff at the end)

In the afternoon, we worked on formatting and starting to write rubrics for these proficiencies. We came to appreciate what a time consuming job this is. We made a start on a few of the proficiencies.

We also discussed Schoology, and whether our school should take a big plunge to go all in on this platform... or whether we should perhaps pilot it on a more limited basis next year.


  1. Lots of work represented here. What's next?

    I tweeted your request for rubrics and have a link for you tomorrow

  2. Kudos to you and your team yesterday for the almost super human persistence we saw in getting collaborative clarity around your proficiencies and deciding to make these targets more useful in instruction and assessment at Compass. And, you had lots of laughs while doing so!