Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Standards and Proficiencies

Transferable Skills - Middle grades teachers create learning opportunities within and across their disciplinary fields that enhance students’ transferable skills.

I hope I am not making a mistake of working on two tasks at once, but as we work through improving our TA practice at Peoples Academy we are also designing a new science curriculum. I justify this work on parallel platforms because it seems that all of our work is interconnected. I am transferring the skills and middle level philosophies we are exploring into my understanding of how science class should work. This work is driven by the coming expectation that scholarly habits will be assessed separately from content knowledge.

So... my challenge is to synthesize everything I am learning into a real world science class, while shaking out the skills we can develop in TA. I am getting more confused by explaining... Try again: I want to identify the transferable skills (scholarly habits) that we waste science class time teaching (or waste even more time by not teaching the skills), so we can concentrate on those skills in TA or AT.

Try again: I selfishly want TA & AT to serve science, and I want science and all of our classes classes to work together, so when it is time to start our experiment, we aren't having a lesson on "respect" or "being prepared."

I think it would be helpful if we had a common set of expectations(scholarly habits) across VT... Sometimes I think we put a lot of resources as a state into having many people working to figure out the same thing.

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