Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Morning Reflection

Developmentally Responsive Practices - Middle grades teachers advocate for developmentally responsive schooling practices and policies for every student.

As we are navigating through the week, we have been exposed to many different ideas and end products around PLPs. It has made us question our practices at MEMS regarding student PLPS. It has also validated many of the barriers and struggles associated with our implementation of PLPs. We are here because as we have worked with the PLP for a few years and we have seen that sometimes it is not developmentally appropriate for some of our students. Questions come up like, how do we take the same PLP and make it applicable, and engaging, for grades K-8?

Matt and I are here to advocate for change so that the PLP is more developmentally responsive for every student.  We have been reflecting on the examples we have seen and the students who have feedback. We are noticing what excites students, what they can do well, and how to allow for choice, personal engagement, and authentic reflection. Our goal is to change the culture of the school and create a positive focus on the purpose, authenticity, and fluidity of the student PLP.  

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